After months of hard work Mamafrica Designs is officially a member of the Fair Trade Federation!

But, wait what is Fair Trade? A large majority of Americans shop for clothing and products at large department stores inside massive shopping malls. Yet, do you ever stop and wonder where these products are being made and by whom? It’s more than likely that the t-shirt you’re wearing or the Nike shoes on your feet were made in multiple places all over the world. Once they are pieced together they then go through another series of steps before getting to that store you purchased it at. Many times the workplace of these products are harmful to their workers. Long hours, repetitive, dangerous, assembly lines and very little pay. On the other hand, when buying a fair trade product you know exactly where it was created and often by the exact person who created it! Fair trade items are produced in developing countries by local artisans. Fair trade helps these countries and communities tremendously by creating employment, self-sustainability, and a market for their goods. At Mamafrica Designs our products are made with love by our Mama’s in Bukavu then brought to the U.S to be in your hands. Why is being a member of The Fair Trade Federation so important? The FTF is an organization that promotes and strengthens organizations in North America such as Mamafrica Designs. All businesses that become members of FTF follow a series of guidelines that help the people in our world who struggle. The artisans who create the beautiful products you find through the FTF are all paid fair wages and work in safe conditions. Sometimes, artisans may even gain other wonderful benefits! As you might already know Mamafrica Designs has multiple programs for our mamas such as finance, and literacy. We also provide a healthy meal for our mamas and their children. The FTF takes a holistic approach when helping the lives in developing countries.  So when you see the FTF logo displayed you will know that the store or products have gone through a rigorous screening process to be part of this wonderful organization who takes pride in the work they do. Mamafrica Designs is proud to be a new Fair Trade Federation member because we also take pride in the work we do. Our mamas work hard everyday to earn a living wage, and better the lives of their children as well as their own. For more information on the Fair Trade Federation >>click here. FTF-Member-logo